Best ceiling fans in India

Indians use more fans that the rest of the world combined. A ceiling fan is one of the most common household items in India. Each year Indians buy millions of fans.

Today in India, there are hundreds of ceiling fan manufacturers, each making several models targetting specific needs for a home. So many options and choices, it is overwhelming to make a decision.

We wanted to simplify your fan buying experience by providing you with a list of branded ceiling fans after taking them through our exhaustive review process.

Our top-picks

India’s top ceiling fans in 2021 at a glance

RankCeiling fan modelBuy nowPowerAir deliveryMotor speedMotor typeRemote Control
1Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm74W240 CMM380 RPMBLDC InverterYes
2Superfan Super X1 1200mm35W230 CMM385 RPMPatented BLDCYes
3Atomberg (Gorilla) Efficio Plus 1200mm28W230 CMM380 RPMBLDCYes
4Jupiter BLDC 1200mm30W230 CMM350 RPMBLDCYes
5Crompton Aura 1200mm74W230 CMM380 RPMStandardNo
6Havells Pacer 1200mm74W230 CMM400 RPMStandardNo
7Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm80W240 CMM385 RPMStandardNo
8Usha Striker Plus 1200mm75W230 CMM380 RPMStandardNo
9Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200mm62W240 CMM310 RPMInverterYes
10Orient Ecotech Plus 1200mm32W220 CMM320 RPMSmart BLDCYes

Our exhaustive ceiling fan review process

Our review of India’s best ceiling fans focuses on the following crucial factors.

  • Cost  – Cost is a crucial parameter in our review. In India, any model that strikes the right balance between price, energy efficiency, and features is the winner.
  • Energy efficiency – Energy efficiency and eco-friendliness are also vital parameters in our review. We want our fans to consume as little power as possible, operate without issues during low voltage, and be planet-friendly.
  • Features – Gone are the days where every fan looked white and dull. Today, we want fans that can complement our home interior design and be vibrant. Ease of use with a remote and with integration with Alexa or Google assistant adds to the flair.
  • Customer Service – It is not merely a fancy fan that is important. After-sales service and maintenance costs are also vital. We reviewed the customer care experience based on the following.
    • What is the warranty period?
    • How is easy is it to reach customer care?
    • How responsive and helpful are they?
  • Customer Feedback – Any new model that comes to the market offers better features and is typically more energy efficient. These factors do not mean the ceiling fan is good. Our review also considers invaluable customer feedback.

We have done the hard work by taking each ceiling fan in our review through a stringent review process. As a result, we present a simplified list of 15 best branded ceiling fans in India for making your choice.

Review of Orient Aeroslim Smart Inverter 1200mm 74W

Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm 74W

Our top pick for the best ceiling fans in India is the Orient Electric’s Areoslim Smart Inverter Ceiling Fan. Areoslim is sleek, smart, and energy-efficient, coupled with Orient’s customer service, this is the best ceiling fan available in India.

Established in 1954, Orient Electric is one of India’s oldest, most trusted, and leading brands in consumer electronics. Orient are the pioneers in consumer electronics with over 60 years in the Indian consumer electronics industry.


If you are looking for a sleek, advanced, smart, and energy-efficient ceiling fan, look no further. The Aeroslim smart inverter is the perfect ceiling fan for a modern Indian home. The Aeroslim offers premium features such as.

  • Modern and sleek looks with a LED integrated under-light.
  • Smart IoT control via Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Super-efficient inverter motor.
    Slim cylindrical design incorporating a telescopic adjustable mount for easy installation.
  • Aerodynamically profiled blades for superior air delivery.

Why is this our top-pick?

It is not merely the looks that impressed us, a ceiling fan with all the bells and whistles should still serve its purpose. Air delivery, energy-efficiency, and after-sales support are the most vital aspects of a ceiling fan. The Orient’s Aeroslim Smart fan delivers 100% on all points.

In our opinion, the Orient Aeroslim is the perfect fan for the modern Indian home.


The world today is more connected than ever before. Our household appliances, too, are becoming smart and digitally enabled. The Aeroslim has a list of modern and impressive features. The following features impressed us the most.

  • Air delivery – The Aeroslim offers an impressive 240 CMM air delivery. CMM stands for cubic meters per minute. It is the amount of cool air that is displaced by the fan in a minute.
  • Quality and finish – Only high-end car manufacturers and artwork manufacturers rely on Hydrographic painting/PU finish. Your Aeroslim fan is a work of art, not merely a dull ceiling fan. The Aeroslim fan comes in three colors, Champagne Brown (our favorite), Marble white, and pure white.
  • Ease of installation and practical – The Aeroslim ceiling fan uses a ceiling adjustable telescopic mount. This mount is compatible with both modern and traditional ceilings. Telescopic mount helps in adjusting the fan height, making it practical and user friendly.
  • Aerodynamic and slim design – The Aeroslim incorporates a sleek and aerodynamic design making the Aeroslim ceiling fan energy-efficient.
  • Bend and rustproof ABS body – Another critical design element that makes the Aeroslim the best fan in India is its ABS body. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a versatile material that is lightweight and durable. The Aeroslim will be durable and will adorn your ceiling for years to come.
  • Smart IoT with Alexa and Google assistant – The Aeroslim strikes the right balance between being practical and futuristic at the same time. It offers the following high-end features through the Orient smart App.
    • Fan scheduling and Built-in timer functions
    • Reverse rotation, breeze mode, and Turbo mode
    • Scene switching light mode
    • Sleep mode
  • Energy efficiency – The Areoslim, with its modern design, lightweight build, and an energy-efficient inverter motor, is 40% more energy-efficient than a conventional ceiling fan.
  • Others – The Areoslim offers the following
    • Sweep – 1200mm
    • Power consumption – 45 Watt
    • RPM – 310 RPM
    • Remote with display


  • Orient’s Aeroslim is the only fan that strikes the perfect balance between features, design, durability, energy-efficiency, and practicality.
  • It is the ideal fan for the modern Indian home.
  • While the initial cost is high, with energy savings, combined with durability and after-sales service, we believe this will be cost-effective in the long run.
  • Consistent air delivery: Aeroslim’s motor can operate between 260V and 140V without loss in air delivery.


  • The high initial cost will deter middle-class homes.
  • First released in late 2018, this is still relatively unproven in Indian homes.
  • Incorporate several smart features and IoT. While the fan is durable, we are not sure about the durability of its electronics.
  • Out of the box, Aeroslim comes with only two years warranty. We feel for a ceiling fan that costs over ₹8000 two years warranty is limited.

Review of Superfan – Super X1 1200mm 35W

Superfan Super X1 1200mm 35W

Superfan is a new age Indian company with a vision to revolutionize ceiling fans in India. The company started making ceiling fans in 2012 and established themselves as energy-efficient fan manufacturers within a short timeframe. Today, Superfan offers a wide array of energy-efficient ceiling fans.

The Super X1 is one of Superfan’s successful models of ceiling fans. The Super X1 combines effective and practical design, with an energy-efficient BLDC motor, and an unmatched five-year warranty.


If you are looking for a practical ceiling fan that can give you unmatched energy savings, work in low voltage, and deliver excellent airflow, then the Super X1 is the right choice. Super X1’s 1200mm ceiling fan blade size makes it an excellent choice for your bedroom or kitchen.

  • Super X1 runs on a patented BLDC motor (Brush Less Direct Current electric motor), offering unmatched energy-efficiency.
  • Super X1 comes with a T3 remote control with the following operations
    • Five-speed adjustable
    • On-off timer
    • Two air delivery modes
  • The blades of the Super X1 use a leaf-inspired design displacing 230 CMM of cool air.
  • The Super X1, with its 35 watts BLDC fan motor, is a BEE 5 star rated fan.

What did we like about Superfan’s Super X1?

  • Energy-efficiency – The Super X1 uses a patented BLDC motor operating at 35 watts. Super X1 is like the LED bulb, offering unmatched power saving. If we were to replace all of India’s 400+ million ceiling fans with a Super X1, India could save 8750 MW of electricity each year.
  • Budget ceiling fan – Another thing that we love about the Super X1 is its price. Super X1 costs less than ₹4000, making it affordable. Coupled with energy-efficiency, Super X1 will continue to save money throughout its life.
  • Customer Care – Superfan is a small company with a big heart. Our personal experience with their customer service has been outstanding. The Super X1 comes with an unmatched five-year warranty and a no questions asked customer service.
  • Fancy Design – The Superfan isn’t the best looking or the sleekest ceiling fan in the market. However, it is not dull either. The following designer and hand-painted models are.
    •  Super X1 Deco (Elements and Panda)
    •  Super X1 Ivory
    •  Super X1 Unyc (Warli, Spiral, and Mandala)
    •  Super X1 Treeze (Mahagony and Dark Teak)
    •  Super X1 Decorative (Bubble and Bug)


The Super X1 offers the following budget-friendly features.

  • Best bedroom fan – The Super X1 is 1200mm (48 inches) and delivers 240 CMM air is a perfect fit of a room-size up to 175 sq.ft. In other words, Super X1 is an excellent choice for an average Indian kitchen or a bedroom.
  • Planet-friendly – With pollution levels are at a record high all across India. Demand for energy is ever-increasing. Super X1 does its tiny bit by being a very energy-efficient fan.
  • Excellent air delivery – The BLDC motor spins at 385rpm at 35W and 320rpm at 25W, making it an excellent choice for homes with low voltage issues.


  • Super X1 is a budget ceiling fan that offers unmatched energy savings.
  • Uses are homegrown, patented energy-efficient BLDC motor that is reliable and economical.
  • Superfan’s Super X1 has own several accolades globally and is one of India’s most innovative brands.
  • Superfan’s customer services and after-sales support is exceptional. Despite being a relatively small company, they have a broad network to support their customer base.


  • While Super X1 is excellent and reliable, it is not the most aesthetic ceiling fan other there. The Super X1 comes with hand-painted models etc. but the basic fan design is old and dated.
  • Super X1 is a South India based company, and the customer service is exceptional in the South, we are unsure about their ability to support all corners of India.
  • Super X1 does not offer a Smart IoT enabled ceiling fan or other modern features.

Review of Atomberg (Gorilla) Efficio Plus 1200mm 28W

Atomberg Gorilla Efficio Plus 1200mm 28W

Atomberg ceiling fans are a super-efficient smart fan and consuming just 28W at peak RPM. This ceiling fan is the most energy-efficient in India.

Atomberg (Gorilla) Efficio comes with a popular BLDC motor that offers to save 65% of your electricity bill. The output performance (RPM and air movement) are also much better than the existing conventional fans in the market.

Atomberg Technologies, which is into the manufacturing of smart and energy-efficient ceiling fans, is looking to lunch other home appliances such as mixer, grinder, air conditioning units, and air coolers.

Since its launch in 2015, Atomberg has sold close to four lakh units of ceiling fans. Atomberg offers ceiling fans under the brand name of Gorilla fans.


Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving ceiling fan is a BEE five-star energy rated ceiling fan equipped with BLDC motor that comes with the following modern features.

  • BLDC or Brushless DC motor helps to consume only 28W of electricity.
  • Atomberg (Gorilla) Efficio offers a high air delivery of 230 CMM.
  • Atomberg (Gorilla) Efficio runs three times longer on an inverter resulting in longer battery life.
  • This ceiling fan comes with smart remote control.
  • Atomberg sells this fan with three years of onsite warranty.

Why is this our top-pick?

Gorilla Efficio is super-efficient in performance and produces no noise through the motor’s brushless operation, and does not overheat.

The Gorilla fan consumes only 28 watts of energy at peak speed and comes with a smart remote controller. All Gorilla products come with 2+1 years of onsite warranty.


Gorilla Efficio energy-saving fan has the following latest features.

  • Super-Efficient BLDC motor – Consumes 28W at full speed to reduce the power consumption by 65%, and it is saving between ₹1000 – ₹2000 year/fan
  • Performance – Runs 3x longer on inverter than an ordinary fan at a wide voltage range of 140V – 280V. It is noiseless and has no heat loss, which increases the fan’s life.
  • Smart remote control – Enables ease of use.
  • Timer mode – On-off timer, which can be programmed based on your convenience.
  • Sleep mode – Effico comes with a sleep mode for winter operation. In this mode, the fan’s speed gradually reduces after a set time.
  • Boost mode – Boosts the fan’s RPM for maximum air throw.
  • Air displacement – 230 CMM
  • Warranty and Support – Atomberg provides three years onsite warranty for all the products and 24*7 helpline thorough phone or email.
  • Other – 1200 mm blade sweep size and 380 RPM motor speed.


  • Energy-efficient with 5-star energy rated
  • Humming and noise-less operation
  • Smart remote controlled
  • Three years warranty


  • Basic design
  • Smaller networks as compared to established brands like Crompton, Havells, Orient, etc.

Review of Jupiter BLDC 1200mm 30W

Jupiter BLDC 1200mm 30W

Jupiter is one of the top manufacturers of electrical appliances in India for the last 25 years. Jupiter ceiling fans are top-rated in BEE energy-efficient appliance ratings.

Jupiter, like the Superfan, focuses on making energy-efficient ceiling fans that run on BLDC motors. Jupiter fans are bi-directional and can rotate in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.


If you are looking for an energy-efficient fan that encompasses the best BLDC motor, look no further than the Jupiter BLDC ceiling fan. Jupiter BLDC combines a BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor with Inverter Drive technology that offers unmatched energy-savings.

Jupiter ceiling fan runs on a 30W BLDC motor and delivers 210 CMM cool air throw. This fan also offers a 1200 mm sweep size with its three-blade design.

Jupiter BLDC ceiling fan features a remote control, bi-directional rotation, and smart/inverter mode that can reduce the fan’s RPM gradually to as low as 10 RPM.

Why is this our top-pick?

  • Five-star rated BEE energy-efficient ceiling fan.
  • Jupiter comes with an energy-efficient BLDC motor.
  • Jupiter’s BLDC motor enables low voltage operation. This ceiling fan delivers good air throw even in low voltage.
  • Smart inverter BLDC motor prevents motor overheating even under suboptimal conditions.
  • Jupiter’s aerodynamically balanced blades uniform air delivery to all corners of the room.
  • Jupiter BLDC comes with a three-year warranty.


The following features impressed the most.

  • Equipped with a powerful BLDC motor with aerodynamically balanced blades.
  • Smart inverter motor technology prevents overheating.
  • Jupiter BLDC is an energy-efficient ceiling fan that is smooth and quiet.


  • One of the best energy-efficient ceiling fans in the market.
  • 100% high-quality copper winding.
  • Unique reverse rotation functionality.
  • Smart/Inverter mode.


  • Jupiter BLDC does not offer high-end connectivity or Smart IoT features.
  • Several users report that the Jupiter BLDC becomes noisy at low RPMs.

Review of Crompton Aura 1200mm 74W

Crompton Aura 1200mm 74W

Crompton Greaves is a household name for consumer electronics, specifically ceiling fans in India. Crompton has 75 years of brand legacy and is one of India’s most trusted brands.

Crompton Aura has several variants with contemporary design to complement any modern decor. It has broad and aerodynamically designed blades for high air delivery of 230 CMM at a power consumption of 74 watts.

If you are looking for a more decorative fan and which is not too expensive for your home, then Aura is the best choice.


Aura has a stylish design with superior performance. Aura comes with more metallic design in the Ivory body that will perfectly fit in any interior design and also a power-efficient ceiling fan model.

Why is this our top-pick?

Aura is a power-efficient ceiling fan that is inexpensive and offers stunning performance. It has a double ball-bearing motor running at 360 RPM for superior air delivery of 230 CMM and consuming 74W of electricity. The blades are broad with an aerodynamic design for excellent air delivery.


Crompton Aura is a stylish looking fan with impressive modern features such as.

  • Superior components for longer life 
  • 100% copper winding and double ball bearing
  • Anti-rust aluminum blade – Aluminium construction protects the fan from dust and corrosion while providing strength and durability.
  • Two-piece construction – The unique two-piece construction ensures stability and silent operation.
  • Appealing design
  • High speed – The dynamically balanced high-performance fan blades offer high air delivery of 230 CMM and a top speed of 380 RPM.


  • Broad and aerodynamically designed blades for high air delivery
  • Contemporary design
  • Double ball bearing
  • 13 different variant with different metallic design
  • Anti-dust variant
  • Noiseless operation


  • Mediocre speed quality
  • The plastic material is fragile which can easily break
  • High power consumption
  • No Remote Control

Review of Havells Pacer 1200mm 74W

Havells Pacer 1200mm 74W

Havells has become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality home appliances. Their range of ceiling fans, in particular, has become extremely popular in India.


If you are looking for a competent and high-speed ceiling fan for your bedrooms or kitchen, Havells Pacer is the right choice. This high-speed ceiling fan by Havells elegantly designed and blends with today’s modern Indian home.

Havells Pacer ceiling fan is one of their most competent models. This ceiling fan will cool down a large-sized room quickly and efficiently.

Why is this our top-pick?

  • Havells Pacer can operate at high speed, displacing a large volume of air, thus providing excellent cooling.
  • Havells Pacer is an exceptionally fast three blade ceiling fan with a speed of 400RPM. 400RPM is one of the highest in this segment of ceiling fans.
  • Havells Pacer offers an air throw of 235 CMM, which is ideal for large-sized rooms.
  • Pacer features a double ball bearing motor capable of working efficiently and quietly.
  • The Pacers motor can work in varying voltages and delivers excellent performance even at low voltage.
  • Havells ceiling fan is inexpensive and an economical choice.


The following features impressed us to choose Havells Pacer for large-sized rooms.

  • Performance – Powerful motor for superior air delivery. The Pacers motor spins at 400 RPM, which is one of the fastest motors that we reviewed.
  • Style and Finish – Good looks coupled with durability.
  • Finish – Excellent and longlasting paint finish.


  • High-speed and excellent overall air circulation.
  • Double ball bearing and a longlasting motor.
  • Pacer’s fast motor, coupled with its superb air displacement, will suit any large room.
  • Pacer works efficiently and without interruption even at low voltage.
  • Inexpensive and a pocket-friendly ceiling fan.


  • 400 RPM and 72W motor make the Pacer one of the least energy-efficient fans in our lineup.
  • Havell’s Pacer looks like yet another ceiling fan and does not offer any standout features.

Review of Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm 80W

Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm 80W

The Usha Striker Galaxy is a dust and water repellant fan designed and inspired by the qualities of the Lotus flower, which is pristinely clean.

Why is this our top-pick?

Usha Striker Galaxy is dust-free, offers steady air flow, and comes with a noiseless operation. The lacquer coating makes the Striker Galaxy a non-dirt accumulating, oleophobic (oil repellent), and hydrophobic (water repellent). The lacquer metallic coating also gives the fan better aesthetics.

  • Usha Striker Galaxy blades revolve around 385 RPM, resulting in better air delivery of 240 CMM.
  • The other key feature of this fan is a highly efficient motor designed to operate even in low voltage fluctuations without dropping the RPM.
  • This fan also has aerodynamically designed wide tipped blades with a high lift angle for broader air delivery and fluidic air flow.
  • This fan also has a whisper-quiet operation and higher durability due to the presence of V2 grade ball bearing.

Striker Galaxy must be your first choice if you are looking for easy maintenance, noiseless, and reliable high-performance fan.


  • Fan speed – 385 rpm
  • Air delivery – 240 m3 (cube)/min
  • Power – 80W
  • Sweep size – 1200mm sweep
  • Motor Type – Induction AC Motor
  • Fan Speed Steps – 5


  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Lacquer metallic paint
  • Easy to clean
  • Performs well even at low voltage
  • 2-year warranty


  • High power consumption
  • Poor customer service

Review of Usha Striker Plus 1200mm 75W

Usha Striker Plus 1200mm 75W

Usha products are engineered with the latest technology and are a brand focused on trust across the world. Usha ceiling fans come in various stylish designs and vibrant colors, incorporating innovative technology with decorative lighting options.


If you are looking for an energy-saving fan, the stylish and powerful Usha Striker Plus Ceiling Fan is one of the best, and five-star rated fan in the market with affordable price.

Striker Plus is a powerful energy-saving motor and blades with a sweep of 1200 mm. It offers good Air Delivery 220 M3/Min and High Speed at 370 RPM with just 52 watts.

Striker Plus guarantees durable operation and whisper-quiet performance and comes with two color choices, brown and white. Usha released this stylish and innovative ceiling fan in late 2019. Striker Plus, with its contemporary design, will be a beautiful addition to your home.

Why is this our top-pick?

  • 5-Star rated Energy Saving fan at an affordable price.
  • Striker Plus comes with V2 grade ball bearings for really quiet & low vibration function and long life.
  • High-grade electric steel lamination for increased energy efficiency of the motor and service life extended.
  • Striker Plus offers a high-lift angle and wide-tip blades for a broader air throw.
  • Striker Plus comes with a 2-year warranty.


The following features impressed the most.

  • Specially designed with superior performance and durability for optimum air delivery and high speed.
  • V2 grade ball bearing for whisper-quiet operation and durability.
  • Striker Plus has a higher permeability grade electrical steel lamination for an improved life.
  • Superior fan performance from the energy-saving motor.
  • 5-Star energy rated fan with 52-watt power consumption.


  • 48-inch 53-Watt power consumption ceiling fan.
  • 5 Star energy rated.
  • V2 grade ball bearing.
  • Electric steel lamination.
  • Superior performance and High air delivery
  • A steady breeze during any weather.


  • Fewer color choices.
  • Striker Plus does not offer premium features such as a remote control or reverse rotation.

Review of Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200mm 62W

Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200mm 62W

Most schools and offices in India today use air condition units. However, if you were born in 1980 and 1990s India and remember your school days, most of us can recollect a noisy, squeaky, and a dirty ceiling fan. Even today, several ceiling fans become noisy after a year.

Orient Electric’s answer to solving the noisy ceiling fan issue is their super quiet Aeroquiet ceiling fan. The Aeroquiet uses an aerodynamic design, a double ball bearing 18-pole motor for smooth and silent operations.


If you are looking for sleek, quiet, and a designer fan for your bedroom or your newborn’s bedroom, the Orient Electric’s Aeroquiet is the ideal ceiling fan for you.

  • Aeroquiet’s advanced aerodynamically profiled blade design delivers maximum air throw at the same time operating quietly. Aeroquiet is an ideal fan for people who prefer a quiet night to rest.
  • Aeroquiet incorporates a quite, double ball bearing, 18-pole motor for powerful and quiet operations.
  • The blades of the Aeroquiet are 1200 MM (48 inches) long. The 18-pole motor puts out 310 RPM, which generates 240 CMM of air throw.
  • The Aeroquiet is not the most energy-efficient fan on our list. It consumes 62W when running full tilt.

Aeroquiet variants

The Aeroquiet comes in three flavors.

  • Aeroquiet – The Aeroquiet is the basic variant. It comes with 18-pole motor, 1200 MM, 240 CMM, and 310 RPM.
  • Aerolite – The Aerolite variant of the Aeroquiet series incorporates a sleek decorative LED lighting, giving the fan a unique design.
  • Aeroquiet BLDC – The Aeroquiet BLDC variant combines quiet operations with the energy savings of the BLDC motor.

What did we like about the Aeroquiet ceiling fan?

  • Powerful air throw – The silent 18-pole electric motor delivers 240 CMM of air throw. 240 CMM air throw will ensure sufficient air circulation for people who sleep in the corners of your bedroom. The blades of the Aeroquiet are 1200MM, which should provide adequate air flow for a room up to 175 sq.ft.
  • Unique design – It is difficult to put words to the Aeroquiet’s design. Some will like it and some won’t. In our view, it looks traditional and modern all at the same time. We recommend that you look at the fan on a ceiling (not merely on the photo) before making up your mind.
  • Fit and finish – Orient Electric does not compromise on the fit and finish of their ceiling fans. Blades of the Aeroquiet are glass-filled ABS body engineered with high grade compounded glass, making the Aeroquiet sturdy, and rust-free. The Aeroquiet uses hydrographic/PU paint for high quality and a premium finish.


The Aeroquiet ceiling fan offers the following features.

  • Silent operation – The 18-pole, double ball bearing motor runs silently.
  • Aerodynamically profiled blade design – The blade tilt and glass-filled ABS build contributes to higher air throw and quiet operations.
  • High gloss finish – The Aeroquiet combines traditional with modern and offers a unique design.
  • Remote controller – The Aeroquiet is remote controlled. You can use its remote to regulate speed, turn on the LED light, and set the timer.


  • Aeroquiet ceiling fan is among the few built to keep the noise levels down. If you are a person who loves a quiet sleep, then this is the fan for you.
  • It has a unique design that combines traditional and modern design. Some will love its look, and some will hate it.
  • The Aeroquiet is a powerful ceiling fan with a high air throw.


  • The Aeroquiet comes with a two-year warranty. For a premium ceiling fan sold over ₹4500we expect a warranty of five years.
  • In some cases, the Aeroquiet starts making noise after a year.
  • Some users also complain that the air throw becomes poor beyond the first year.
  • Aeroquiet consumes 62W of electricity. Power consumption is twice as much as the Superfan Super X1. Aeroquiet BLDC operates at 35W but costs twice as much as the regular Aeroquiet model.

Review of Orient Ecotech Plus 1200mm 32W

Orient Ecotech Plus 1200mm 32W

Orient Ecotech Plus is a unique ceiling fan, which combines all the traditional characteristics of a standard ceiling fan with the latest technology. Ecotech Plus comes with an energy-efficient BLDC fan motor and a remote control operation.


If you are looking for high performance, energy-efficient ceiling fan comprising of the latest technology and features within your budget, then Orient Ecotech Plus is the ideal fan for you.

Why is this our top-pick?

It is not just the Orient brand, but the Ecotech Plus offers is an all-round ceiling fan.

  • Super Energy Efficient – By using its BLDC motor, the Orient Ecotech Plus consumes only 35 watts of power at its peak speed operation, which is half of the energy consumed by any regular ceiling fan.
  • Low voltage performance – The Orient Ecotech Plus runs well by maintaining a consistent speed uniformly at low voltages as low as 140V.
  • Inverter Friendly – The Orient Ecotech Plus is an inverter friendly ceiling that can run twice as long as a standard ceiling fan when running on an inverter.
  • Air Delivery – The Orient Ecotech Plus features aerodynamically designed blades made of Aluminium to ensure best in class air delivery and thrust
  • Smooth operation – The Orient Ecotech Plus comprises of double-ball bearing for its mechanical movement, which makes the ceiling fan smooth and silent.


The Orient Ecotech Plus has a variety of modern features irresistible to anyone looking for a modern ceiling fan for their home. Ecotech Plus includes features such as.

  • Commendable low power consumption – 35W
  • Super efficient BLDC fan motor – unique in this category
  • Inverter friendly – Double the time operation
  • Steady speed low voltage operations(even as low as 140v)
  • Remote Control


  • Low-cost BLDC ceiling fan
  • Exceptionally high energy efficiency
  • Remote control
  • Inverter friendly – Double the time operation


  • Air delivery is comparatively low.
  • Only three color options are available.

Review of Crompton Hill Briz 1200mm 75W

Crompton Hill Briz 1200mm 75W

Crompton’s Hill Briz is a no-nonsense regular ceiling fan that is easy on the pocket, and longlasting. It is the type of fan that you buy, install, and forget. The bottom line, Crompton’s Hill Briz 1200mm, delivers.


Crompton’s Hill Briz is the most popular ceiling fan in their lineup. It is inexpensive, durable, and sturdy. If you are looking for a ceiling fan that you can install and forget, look no further than the Hill Briz 1200mm.

The Hill Briz is a traditional ceiling fan that offers a superior air throw, a longlasting copper winding motor, and an anti-corrosive aluminum body.

What did we like about the Crompton Hill Briz?

  • No-nonsense and simple design.
  • Hill Briz is a cost-effective and pocket-friendly regular ceiling fan.
  • Hill Briz comes with a rustproof aluminum build that is anti-corrosive and durable.
  • Excellent user reviews.
  • Ease of installation, repair, and maintenance.


Unlike other modern ceiling fans that incorporate smart technological innovations, the Hill Briz is a simple workhouse. It does not have a big laundry list of features. However, what it lacks in terms of features it compensates by sheer performance. This ceiling fan will continue to work even as years roll by.


  • Hill Briz is a workhorse. It is durable, sturdy, and longlasting.
  • Hill Briz is one of the best budget ceiling fans available in India.
  • So far, this ceiling fan has excellent reception in India. People love this ceiling fan.


  • Hill Briz offers a minimalistic and traditional ceiling fan design. Not an ideal fan for the modern Indian home.
  • The 75W motor is not energy-efficient. Newer models consume half the amount of electricity as the Hill Briz.
  • The accessories for fitting are basic and seldom sufficient.

Review of Crompton HS Plus 1200mm 53W

Crompton HS Plus 1200mm 53W

Crompton’s HS Plus is a BEE five-star rated ceiling fan that will bring down your electricity bill.


If you are looking for a ceiling fan that offers best-in-class performance and still fits within your budget, the Crompton HS Plus is the fan for you.

HS Plus is a dynamically balanced high-performance fan that provides an air throw of 218 CMM.

Crompton HS Plus comes with an energy-efficient motor that can hit 370 RPM and consume only 53 Watts of power. The sturdily built heavy-duty motor is reliable and longlasting.

HS Plus’s aluminum body protects the fan from dust and corrosion and lends its strength, thereby increasing the fan’s life.


The following features impressed us.

  • BEE 5 star labeled ceiling fan offering higher energy savings.
  • Energy-efficient fan motor offering 370 RPM for excellent air throw.
  • Greater reliability as the HS Plus combines an excellent motor with durable components.
  • HS Plus’s motor has 100% copper windings.
  • Sealed double ball bearing for a maintenance-free life.
  • Metal fan blade and aluminum blades make the fan rust free.


  • HS Plus combines simple and powerful performance with an energy-efficient motor.
  • HS Plus is one of the best value for money ceiling fans.
  • The rust-free aluminum blades make this an easy to clean ceiling fan.


  • HS Plus lacks flair. It’s simplistic and minimal design will not inspire many.
  • HS Plus does not offer any high-end features. It is a basic, energy-efficient fan.

Review of Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm 78W

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm 78W

Our top pick for the best budget fans in India is the Orient Apex-Fx 1200 mm Ceiling Fan. Orient Apex is a reliable and popular ceiling fan that cools millions of Indian homes.


If you are looking for a low cost, high performance, and super reliable ceiling fan with a simple design to suit your home decor, the Orient Apex-FX ceiling fan is the best choice for you.


The Orient Apex-Fx 1200 mm ceiling fan has some extraordinarily useful features that make this ceiling fan super reliable. The following are some of the features that we liked.

  • Reliability – The Orient Apex-Fx possesses an efficient copper motor ensuring long life and high-quality performance.
  • Superior Air Delivery –The Orient Apex-Fx ceiling fan has a broader blade mounted at a specific angle (blade tilt) for higher air delivery 230CMM.
  • Smooth Operation – The Orient Apex-Fx ceiling fan constitutes a double ball bearing for the mechanical rotations, which provides smoother and noiseless operation.
  • Coated Blades – The Orient Apex-Fx ceiling fan has a ribbed and power coated blades which guarantee longevity and high performance. The powder coating also ensures superior color retention.
  • Inverter compatible ceiling fan capable of running for several hours in an inverter.
  • Other Features
    • Fan speed: 370rpm
    • Air delivery: 230cmm
    • Power: 78 Watts
    • Sweep size: 1200mm sweep


  • Low cost
  • Popularly selling market-proven ceiling fan
  • Simple Design suits any home decor
  • High air delivery and thrust
  • 2-year warranty
  • inverter compatible


  • High power consuming
  • Only two color variants
  • Overheating when used for long hours

Review of Havells Nicola 600mm – 1200mm 68W

Havells Nicola 600mm-1200mm 68W


If you are looking for an appealing, elegant ceiling fan especially crafted to enhance your modern home decor combined with high performance and robust build, then the Havells Nicola ceiling fan for you.The other key features of the Havells Nicola are.

  • Sturdy Aluminium body and blades.
  • Available in multiple sweep sizes(600mm to 1400mm).
  • Efficient performance in low voltage conditions.
  • Decorative trims on the motor cover and metallic paint finish.


  • This ceiling fan has a high power 78watts motor with excellent air delivery of 250cmm.
  • This ceiling fan has an eye-catching, stylish design with decorative trims on the motor cover and metallic paint finish.
  • This ceiling fan has multiple color options like pearl ivory, gold, bronze copper, off-white, and gold mist copper to suit any home decor.
  • This ceiling fan is available in multiple sweep sizes between 600m to 1400mm. 


  • Multiple color options with stylish design
  • Multiple air sweep sizes available
  • Efficient performance in low voltage conditions
  • Lightweight ceiling fan


  • Quite high priced in its category
  • High power consuming
  • Wobble issues reported by users

Review of Usha Diplomat 1200mm 74W

Usha Diplomat 1200mm 74W

Usha Diplomat ceiling fans offer the best of style and performance at a reasonable price.


The simple, classic design complements any type of home décor. The glossy, powder-coated finish lends them an attractive appeal. Usha’s ceiling fan performs well even at low voltage; the high lift angle of the blades provides wider air spread.

  • The high tilt angle of blades for wide air spread
  • Glossy powder coated paint for a superior finish and longer life
  • Performs well even at low voltage


  • High 350 RPM and 1200 mm blade sweep for superior airflow
  • Performs well even voltage is low
  • Classic design to match every home decor
  • High-lift angle blades for higher air throw of 207 CMM
  • Power consumption is 74W


  • Motor speed is 350 RPM
  • Very less cost
  • Operating at low voltage


  • Very high power consumption 74W
  • Noise issues
  • Non-BLDC motor
  • No remote

Top 10 best budget ceiling fans in India 

The table below is the top 10 budget ceiling fans available in India.

Ceiling fanBuy nowPowerAir deliveryMotor speedMotor typeRemote Control
Crompton Aura 1200mm74W230 CMM380 RPMStandardNo
Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm80W240 CMM385 RPMStandardNo
Havells Pacer 1200mm74W230 CMM400 RPMStandardNo
Usha Striker Plus 1200mm75W230 CMM380 RPMStandardNo
Superfan Super X1 1200mm35W230 CMM385 RPMPatented BLDCYes
Atomberg (Gorilla) Efficio Plus 1200mm28W230 CMM380 RPMBLDCYes
Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm74W240 CMM380 RPMBLDC InverterYes
Crompton Hill Briz 1200mm75W207 CMM370 RPMStandardNo
Jupiter BLDC 1200mm30W230 CMM350 RPMBLDCYes
Crompton HS Plus 1200mm53W218 CMM370 RPMStandardNo

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

Buying guide illustration

Everyone who lives in India knows about a ceiling fan. It is one of the most common household electronic appliances in India. India is the largest producer and consumer of ceiling fans in the world. There are approximately 400+ million ceiling fans in use today.

Despite being one of the most common electronics items in India, only a few consumers understand a ceiling fan. This section of our post will help you understand the basics of a ceiling fan. We want to educate our audience so that you can make the right choice when it comes to choosing your next ceiling fan.

Did you know that Indians were the first to invent a fan? The first fan was a Punkah-type ceiling fan date back to 500 BC. You would have seen these fans in Bollywood movies where a soldier will pull a rope attached to the fan.

Tips for choosing the correct ceiling fan

Ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes. Hence, it is vital to consider some critical factors while narrowing down a ceiling fan for your home.

Factors such as the room size, height of the ceiling, fan sweep size, BEE ratings, energy-efficiency, features and design, after-sales support, and the warranty period will help you to determine the correct fan for your home.

Consider your room size

Room Size

One of the most frequently asked questions when buying a fan is, “how do I select the correct fan sweep size for my room”? Use the table below as a guideline to determine the correct ceiling fan sweep size for your room.

Blade SpanRoom size
600mm ceiling fans such as Bajaj 600mm maximaup to 75 sq.ft
1200mm ceiling fans such as Crompton Seawindup to 175 sq.ft
1400mm ceiling fans like Atomberg Efficio BLDC Motorup to 350 sq.ft
>1400mm ceiling fans for commercial spacesgreater than 350 sq.ft

Consider the height of your ceiling

Ceiling Height

The height of your roof also plays a crucial role in the amount of air delivered. If the ceiling is too high, then the air displaced by the ceiling fan will be lost before it reaches you.

The best way to install your fan is to ensure that you have more than 10 inches between the fan and your ceiling. This gap ensures that the fan does not touch the ceiling during normal operations.

For optimal air delivery, the ceiling fan should be at least 8 feet from the floor. A ceiling fan installed too far from the floor will result in reduced air throw. You can use a Downrod to adjust the height of the ceiling fan from the floor.

Fan sweep size

Ceiling fan manufacturers label their products with something they call the “fan sweep size or blade sweep.” Blade sweep is the length of the blade. The longer the blade, the more air it displaces.

In India, most ceiling fans fall within any one of the three-blade sweep sizes.

  • Most fans have 1200mm or 48 inches sweep size. 1200mm is the optimal size for most Indian bedrooms and kitchens.
  • Hallways and grand rooms that are larger can use 1400mm or 56 inches blade sweep fans.
  • For smaller rooms, 600mm high-speed ceiling fans are better.

BEE energy ratings

BEE Energy Rating

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) operates under the Ministry of Power in India. BEE is the regulatory agency responsible for certifying and providing a star rating for home appliances.

The BEE program’s primary objective is to provide consumers with information about energy savings offered by an appliance. In other words, all home appliances apply for BEE rating, based on the energy efficiency of these appliances BEE approves a one-to-five star rating.

Five-star BEE ratings indicate the highest energy-savings, whereas one-star denotes no energy-efficiency.

We at want to urge our readers to choose ceiling fans that offer high energy-savings and are four or five-star rated by BEE.

Features and Design

Features and Design

Gone are the days where every fan was white, had three blades, and looked uninteresting. Like all our home appliances, we want our ceiling fans to look sleek and modern. Not only that, we expect our home appliances to be smart and connected.
Ceiling fan manufacturers such as Orient Electric offer ceiling fans that look modern and are smart. In our opinion, Aeroslim is the best ceiling fan in India. It combines intelligent features such as Alexa and Google Assistant integration with sleek and modern looks.

After-sales support and warranty

Support And Warranty

We expect our ceiling fans to last for several years. We’ve had ceiling fans that continue to work even after a decade of daily use. People often fall into the trap of buying a ceiling fan because of its looks and features. While these are vital aspects of a fan ownership experience, it is also critical to consider after-sales support. Superfan, a small company, offers exceptional warranty and after-sales assistance.

We recommend that you look for ceiling fans that offer a longer warranty duration for the price that you pay. For instance, the Aeroslim offers only a two-warranty and costs twice as much as the Superfan’s Super X1 that comes with a five-year warranty.

Must-have Features for ceiling fan in India

Features illustration

We recommend that you look for the below list of features while buying a ceiling fan in India.

  • A ceiling fan should have a solid build. Look for ceiling fans built with a rust-free body or a high end glass-filled ABS body.
  • Choose a ceiling fan that has four-star or higher BEE energy ratings. These fans might cost you little more than the budget ceiling fans; however, they will prove to be cost-effective in the long run.
  • Choose a ceiling fan that has a BLDC motor or a modern inverter motor.
  • Choose a ceiling fan that can operate in wide voltage variations. Choose ceiling fans that can work between 160V to 260V.
  • Faster RPMs mean better air delivery, choose ceiling fans that can operate at higher RPMs.

Nice to have Features for ceiling fan in India

· While contemporary design is essential, it is not a must-have feature.
· A remote controller for a ceiling fan is a nice-to-have feature. In India, we are used to operating our ceiling fans using a switch and a regulator. Remote controllers often get misplaced and lost.
· Smart IoT, Alexa, and Google Assistant integration are nice to have features. If you can afford it, buy it.

Parts of a ceiling fan

The following are the parts of a household ceiling fan.



At the heart of any ceiling fan is its motor. Through advancements and innovations in motor design, the modern ceiling fan is both energy-efficient and longlasting. The following are some commonly used motors in contemporary ceiling fans.

  • Inverter motor – Inverter motors work on direct current (DC). Inverter motors offer significant energy savings when compared with the conventional AC motors. The Orient Electric’s Aeroslim uses an energy-efficient inverter motor.
  • BLDC motor – Brushless direct current motor or the BLDC motor is another engineering marvel that offers unmatched energy savings. Superfan Super X1 uses a BLDC motor making it one the most energy-efficient ceiling fans in India. The Super X1 operates at 35W.
  • Conventional motor – Budget fans such as Crompton’s Hill Briz, and Orient’s Apex-FX use this motor. These motors are inexpensive but are high power consuming motors.



The modern-day ceiling fans come equipped with aerodynamic blades. Blades come in all shapes and forms. Ceiling fan manufacturers use various materials to make their blades lightweight and durable.

Manufacturers use glass-filled ABS, aluminum, wood, and other lightweight and durable materials to make their ceiling fan blades.


The mount holds the ceiling fan to the ceiling. There are different types of mounts from a simple J-hook to the more advanced telescopic mounts. Orient Electric’s Aeroslim fan uses a telescopic, height-adjustable mount, whereas a basic ceiling fan such as Crompton’s Hill Briz uses a simple J-hook.

Other components

Other Components

Ceiling fans also have parts such as Rotors and Blade irons, downrods, lamp housing, switch housing, and remote controls.

Conclusion: Best ceiling fans in India 2021

We at strive to give the most relevant, up to date, and accurate information to our readers. We also believe a mere review of best ceiling fans in India will not be useful without a ceiling fan buyer’s guide.

Ceiling fans are evolving rapidly, and our expectations on ceiling fans too are changing rapidly. This review of India’s best ceiling fans incorporates extensive market and consumer research carried out by our team.

Please feel free to comment and share your views and opinions about our review through our contact-us page.

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