Review of Sujata Multimix 900W mixer grinder (mixie) in India

Sujata Multimix 900W mixer grinder

Mixer grinders or mixies are one of the most common household items in India. The mixie replaces our traditional stone grinders and is indispensable to Indian cooking.

The Sujata Multimix is a complete package capable of performing several critical tasks such as mixing, grinding, juice extraction, and coconut milk extraction. The Sujata Multimix is a direct response to Preethi’s Zodiac 2.0 by Sujata.

If you are looking for a versatile India-made mixie, then the Sujata Multimix is the right choice for your kitchen. The Multimix comes with a powerful 900W motor capable of an impressive 22,000 RPM. It also includes 1 Juicer attachment, 1 Blender jar, 1 Dry Grinder jar, and 1 Chutney jar.

You can control the Sujata Multimix by using its 3 Speed with Rotary action switch and whipper button. This mixie also comes with a 2.15m power chord. This length should be sufficient for most kitchens.

The overall build quality could have been better. The blades and jars of the Sujata Multimix are 100% stainless steel. However, its body is made from ABS plastic.

We recommend reading our buyer’s guide to learn what to look for when buying a mixer grinder.

  • Powerful 900W motor
  • Versatile mixer grinder juicer
  • 22000RPM motor speed
  • Double ball bearing motor
  • 3 Jars
  • 100% Stainless Steel Jar & Blade
  • Shockproof ABS Body


  • 900W powerful motor that can do its job quickly and efficiently
  • Capable of performing multiple tasks
  • Powerful 22000RPM motor that can grind even the toughest ingredients
  • Shockproof ABS body for a more durable and long-lasting performance
  • 2-year warranty on the product


  • Loud and noisy, can become unbearable when grinding hard items like pepper, turmeric, and urad dhal
  • Average to poor customer service
  • Overall build quality needs improvement
  • At over ₹7500, it is an expensive home appliance

Bottom Line

Bottomline inforgraphicsIf you are looking for a versatile mixie capable of taking care of your every need, choose the Sujata Multimix 900W. The 900W motor is powerful enough to give you efficient mixing and grinding to even the toughest ingredients. This mixie is much more than a mixie. You can make juice, extract coconut milk for your curries, wet grind batter, dry grind masalas, and make mouth-watering chutneys.

The downsides are poor overall build quality. The entire unit does not ‘feel’ premium or well put together. Loud noise from its 900W motor is another issue that we did not like in the Sujata Multimix mixie. It also lacks features like atta-kneading and vegetable cutter that you find in other similarly priced mixies.

Overall, it is a good choice for people looking to do multiple things with their mixie. If you are merely shopping for dry and wet grinding, you can choose a simpler model like the Preethi Popular 750W MG 142.

Video demo of Sujata Multimix

An in-depth look at the features of the Sujata Multimix mixer grinder

  • Power and performance – Sujata Multimix 900W comes with a powerful 900W motor. Remember, choose a mixer with at least 750W power. This mixie has 3-speed levels that can grind coconut chutney, idli and dosa batter, dry-grind turmeric, and make lovely purees.
  • Jars – The Sujata Multimix mixie comes with 3 jars made from 100% stainless steel.
    • Use the 1750ml main blender jar for dry grinding, wet grinding, blending, and whipping.
    • Use the 1L multipurpose dry grinder for dry grinding.
    • Use the 0.4L chutney for making coconut, tomato, onion, coriander, and mint chutney.
  • Usage – The Sujata Multimix is versatile. It is easy to use and will serve your kitchen for several years to come.
  • Safety – Electrical safety and physical safety are vital aspects that one should never overlook when buying a mixer grinder. The Sujata Multimix comes with a shockproof ABS body to prevent electrical shock. Unlike the Zodiac 2.0, this mixer grinder does not come with an overload protector.
  • Blades – The Multimix mixie comes with super sharp multi-functional blades. These razor-sharp blades provide fine grinding.
  • Cleaning – All of the Sujata Multimix jars are easy to clean. Watch out! The blades are sharp and can cause cuts if you are not careful while cleaning. The juicer and coconut milk extractor are slightly difficult to clean.
  • Accessories – Sujata ships the Multimix 900W mixie with a Spatula, Blade coupler, and blade holder disk.
Specifications of Sujata Multimix 900W mixer grinder
MotorHeavy duty, Universal type 900 Watts with double ball bearing.
Power Supply230 to 240 Volts, AC 50-60 Hz.
Power Consumption900 Watts on maximum load.
Rating90 Minutes
Speed Control3 Speed with Rotary action switch.
Whipper button for momentary motion.
Motor SpeedNo Load Speed maximum approx 22000 R.P.M.
ProtectionClass I double insulated.
Flex CordP.V.C approx 2.15 meters usable with 5 Amp. 3 pin plug.
Net Weight with Carton7.0 Kg. approx.
Dimensions(in CMS)57 (L) * 29 (W) * 37 (H)
Blender1750 ml.
Dry Grinder1000 ml.
Chutney Grinder400 ml.