Review of LG 6.5KG Top Load washing machine (T65SKSF4Z & T65SKSF1Z)

LG 6.5KG Top Load washing machine (T65SKSF1Z)

LG is a popular brand in India. They are known for bringing innovative technologies into everyday home appliances. LG has an impressive line up of excellent washing machines. This review covers two of their best top-loading washers in India, the T65SKSF4Z & T65SKSF1Z.

  • T65SKSF4Z – Older model and is the #1 best selling LG Top Loading washer in India
  • T65SKSF1Z – Updated (newer) version of the T65SKSF1Z

These washers are similar to Samsung’s top-loading washers WA65A4002GS & WA65A4002VS. This review covers both the older and the newer LG Top Loading washing machines.

These LG washers come with features such as a unique turbo drum that provides excellent wash quality and, at the same time, is gentle on your clothes, an inverter motor that is five-star rated, and several other useful features. This washer has a two-year warranty and a ten-year warranty on the motor.

Continue reading our in-depth review to see if the LG 6.5KG Top Load washing machine is the right choice for your family. Our review also includes useful tips, FAQs, a washing machine selector quiz, a buying guide, and many more.

  • Smart inverter motor
  • TurboDrum
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Auto Restart
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Tub Clean
  • Five wash programs


  • The LG 6.5KG Top Load washing machine T65SKSF4Z is the LG’s #1 best seller in India.
  • This washer is fully-automatic. Simply load your laundry, add detergent, and select a wash program.
  • It has an innovative control panel that is easy to use and comes with useful wash cycles.
  • This washer can reuse the water from the previous wash cycle in the Aqua reserve mode.
  • This LG’s 6.5KG washing capacity can handle the laundry of a small to medium-sized family.
  • It comes with five automatic wash programs, three additional optional cycles, and a self-clean mode, tub clean to handle any laundry type.
  • This LG washer also has a Tub Clean option for self-cleaning the inner washing tub.


  • LG’s after-sales & service needs improvement.
  • Top Loading washers consume more power and water. If you are looking for an efficient LG washer, then we recommend the LG FHM1065ZDL front loading washer.
  • Top Load washing machines, due to their design are noisy.

Bottom Line

Bottomline inforgraphicsThe LG T65SKSF4Z & T65SKSF1Z top-loading washers are an excellent choice. We recommend choosing the newer and refreshed T65SKSF1Z for your family.

It comes with excellent features such as a stainless steel drum, excellent inverter motor, powerful washing performance, and the Tub Clean, a self-cleaning wash mode.

Its attractive price tag, along with reliability, makes this LG Top Loading washer irresistible. The addition of the inverter motor makes the LG Top Loaders marginally better than their Samsung counterparts.

Overall, this is an attractive Top Load washer with excellent performance. Watch out! Some users complain about excessive noise and poor after-sales support.

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Video demo of LG 6.5KG Top Load washing machine (T65SKSF4Z & T65SKSF1Z)

An in-depth look at the features of the LG 6.5KG Top Load washing machine (T65SKSF4Z & T65SKSF1Z)

  • Ease of use – This LG freestanding washing machine has five wash programs offering excellent washing performance. The control panel is easy to use, with all the wash cycles nicely laid out. Using this washer is similar to using an LG refrigerator or a dishwasher; it is simple.
  • Washing Capacity 6.5KG – This fully automatic washing machine can handle a large load from medium to large family. With advanced features, this front-loading washer can remove all stubborn stains from heavily soiled clothes.
  • Efficiency – This washer is efficient and offers excellent wash quality. It uses a smart inverter motor that is energy efficient compared to other top loaders in the market.
  • Warranty – This LG Top Load washing machine comes with a two-year warranty on the entire product and a 10-year warranty on the inverter motor.

Wash programs of the LG 6.5KG Top Load washing machine (T65SKSF4Z & T65SKSF1Z)

LG 6.5KG Top Load washing machine (T65SKSF1Z)

The following are the various wash programs of this LG washer. Remember, choose a washing machine that offers as many options as it will give you flexibility.

  • Normal – This wash program is suitable for handling colored cotton and linen garments. Use this for mixed laundry.
  • Gentle/Wool – Use this mode for washing your delicates, such as a baby’s clothes. In this wash mode, the washer removes solids and protein stains from a baby’s clothes.
  • Quick wash – Quick wash mode is useful for washing clothes quickly.
  • Pre-wash + Normal – Use this wash mode for laundry that needs soaking before wash. After a pre-defined time, the washer uses the Normal wash mode for washing.
  • Aqua Reserve – This wash cycle makes efficient use of the water. Use this mode for reusing water for the second load.
  • Strong Jeans – This washing mode is for handling heavy clothes like Jeans.
  • Manual cycles – You can choose to run this washer manually. You can choose either wash, rinse, or spin.

Other features of the LG 6.5KG Top Load washing machine (T65SKSF4Z & T65SKSF1Z)

LG 6.5KG Top Load washing machine (T65SKSF1Z)

In addition to the wash programs, this LG washing machine also comes with the following useful features.

  • Child Lock – For added safety, this LG washer comes with a child lock feature. When the child lock is on, all the functions become inaccessible.
  • Tub Clean – This LG washer has a special spin cycle to clean the inside of the washer. This mode uses a higher spin speed and a high water level to clean the inner diamond drum.
  • Water level selection – You can select the water level that you need for washing your clothes. This washer has five water levels that you can choose depending on the size of your load.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the LG T65SKSF4Z and T65SKSF1Z washing machine?

Both washers are the same, with no noticeable differences. We recommend that you choose the newer T65SKSF1Z model for better support and parts availability. Please note, you won’t find the T65SKSF4Z washer on LG’s website, meaning it has reached its end of life.

Specifications of LG T65SKSF1Z Top Load washing machine
Star Rating5 Star
Smart Inverter TechnologyYes
Inner TubStainless Steel
3-Step WashYes
Smart Diagnosis™Yes
Fuzzy Logic ControlYes
Digital DisplayYes
ColourMiddle Free Silver
ProgramNormal, Pre Wash+ Normal,Gentle (Wool/Saree)
Special programsQuick Wash, Strong (Jeans), Tub Clean/Aqua reserve, Favorite
Health + FilterYes
Turbo SoakYes
Hot/ Cold Water inletCold only
Water level Selection6
Memory BackupYes
Digital DisplayYes
Delay Start (Hrs)Yes (3~18 Hr)
Child LockYes
Auto Balance SystemYes
Window(Glass Type)Transparent (Black)
W x D x H (mm)540 x 560 x 885